WiFi Marketing: How to Use it to Scale a Restaurant Business!

EZ Smart WiFi is offering WiFi Marketing services to all offline businesses to help them improve their sales and overall growth.

Marketing is an effective way to engage your customers and there are a number of ways to do the task but no method is as effective and as economical as WiFi-Marketing. It is a tool to keep the conversation going between a customer and a business. Also, wifi marketing for business is one of the most effective strategies you can use to turn your restaurant’s visitors into regular dinners. If you are offering a WiFi perk to your customers but not using it as a WiFi marketing tool, you are missing out on a significant opportunity for growing your business.

We are well aware of the fact that using social WiFi for restaurants is a great way to increase profits, but it can be hard to figure out how to do this right. Most restaurants don’t have a clue about the WiFi-marketing tool and its usage for their restaurant business. They don’t know that they’re missing out on tons of potential customers and revenue. If you are one of those restaurant owners, you don’t need to feel lost anymore. We’ve created the ultimate guide for people like you who want to learn more about the use of social WiFi in their restaurant establishment.

What is WiFi Marketing and how does it Work?

WiFi-Marketing means using your guest WiFi to share new offers and get customer contact information. You can then use this contact information to send out marketing campaigns, like email newsletters and SMS to these customers. When a customer tries to use your WiFi, he encounters a signup form or page before he can start browsing the web. After providing the contact information you’re requesting, he’ll be able to use your restaurant’s WiFi.

Immediately after a customer successfully connects, you can control which webpage loads first on his device. For example, you can choose to send anyone who connects to your free WiFi directly to your website or social media page. It’s also common practice to direct people to a webpage that displays links to your website or social channels.

How to Use WiFi Marketing for Business (Restaurants):

Increase Database of Potential Customers:

Using a WiFi tool to market your restaurant business is a great way to increase your sales. You can capture dinners’ emails, phone numbers, details on social media accounts through WiFi by offering internet access as an incentive. This will help you in building customer databases which you can use overtime to send automated email campaigns with promotions such as discounts or specials like free delivery of food! All in all, you can use this tool to get fresh leads that no other restaurants will have.

Use Email Marketing to Send the Right Message at the Perfect Time:

WiFi tool provides you enough data on customer information, including his behavior, and these details will help you to send targeted emails to these customers. When you have the information on their likings, their disliking, and their needs, you can easily create targeted ads. Once created, send these ads and marketing campaigns to those customers. And doing this will improve personalized communication with your customers. This will ultimately increase your sales.

Promote Positive Reviews from Satisfied Customers:

You can get positive reviews from your customers by using the WiFi-Marketing tool. When dinners come to your venue and try to connect with WiFi, they will give reviews on your social media page. This is very useful to improve your online presence. Furthermore, when a satisfied customer leaves a positive review, it inspires others to do the same. This is very useful when you are trying to change other online portals. It will help you build a better business reputation.

Improve Customer Service:

WiFi technology does help restaurants to reach their customers in a more personal way. Once a guest comes to your restaurant; you can use internet to help him familiarize himself with your menu or website. You can also give him his order either via email or by allowing him to place an online order.

Wrap Up:

Although competition in every business is growing, yet the situation in the restaurant business is even tougher. This is why restaurants are always making innovative efforts to improve their sales. This is because the customers have more options than ever when they go out for dinner. One recent strategy restaurant owners have adopted to keep them coming back is WiFi Marketing. And if you have not already gone with the wind, wait for no further and ride the boat.


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