Snowflakes as a future of Modern Data Warehousing Professionals

We live in a digital world where there is room for change in almost everything and anything. One such disruption which has made modern data warehousing evolve a lot and adapt to the ongoing digital transformation is the snowflakes data warehousing. The basic idea of snowflakes warehousing is to use a cloud-based infrastructure is to simplify the complications involved in any data warehouse.

If you are passionate about modern data warehousing and are looking to pursue a career in the same, you are missing many of you not enrolled in a snowflake certification. Here is all you need to know about this fantastic data warehousing solution and accreditation.

What is a snowflake certification?

Snowflake certification deals with testing an individual’s ability to deal with snowflakes data warehousing technology based on the level of expertise they carry. There are various levels of snowflake certification like Snowpro core certification and Snowpro advanced certifications.

Snow Core Certification:

The snow core certification helps in testing an individual’s knowledge required to apply specific core expertise in a real-time data warehouse with customers where the software is implemented and migrated. Gaining this certification proves an individual has a thorough understanding of snowflakes data warehouse and possesses the knowledge to design, develop and manage secure, scalable Snowflake solutions to fulfill the overall business objectives. 

SnowPro Advanced Certifications

The Snow advanced certifications are to certify the skills of a snowflakes data warehouse professional. This can be done only by the individuals who already have done their snowpro core certification. Also, the individuals have to be a snowflakes data warehouse professional of at least 2-3 years to gain this certification.

 The certification consists of five role-based certifications. They are as follows.

  • SnowPro Advanced: Architect  
  • SnowPro Advanced: Database Administrator  
  • SnowPro Advanced: Data Engineer  
  • SnowPro Advanced: Data Scientist  
  • SnowPro Advanced: Data Analyst

SnowPro Advanced: Architect Certification

SnowPro™ Advanced: An architect has a specific skill set required to design, develop, and implement Snowflake solutions. The certification evaluates the real-time acquaintance and practical exposure to actual-world deployment and implementation of the snowflakes data warehousing.

To pass this certification, the candidate has to design an inclusive program that ensures user, network & data security of a modern data warehouse.

SnowPro Advanced: Database Administrator Certification

SnowPro™ Advanced: Database Administrator certification examines an individual’s skill set in data loading performance, designing a role hierarchy, agile development, and advanced implementation tuning in the snowflakes data warehousing.

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 To get this certification, it is preferred to have a background in database administration of a snowflakes data warehouse solution.

SnowPro Advanced: Data Engineer Certification

 SnowPro™ Advanced: Data Engineer certification is to scrutinize an individual’s ability to implement best practices planned for critical stakeholders who will be accessing, developing, querying datasets for analytical tasks and building data pipelines in Snowflake.  

An individual has to be a snowflakes data warehouse professional to attain this certification, and having a basic knowledge of SQL and Python will be an added advantage.

 These are a few details of the snowflake certification you need to know. To get any of them, search for the best snowflakes data warehouse training institute to help you attain all these certifications with more ease and convenience.

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